Dale Selchow is an award winning wildlife artist, both in taxidermy and original art with over 33 years experience.  He has studied in detail thousands of nature's critters for color, muscle structure, attitude expressions, hair and feather patterns and much more to the finest detail.  His respect for these creature is evident in the work he performs for the client and for competition.  As an artist, each mount is carefully finished and his signature is placed some where on every piece.  No two mounts are alike, therefore each is it's own work of art and very unique.
Trophy Ridge Artists
Steve Towne is an avid sportsman, who has trapped and hunted his whole life.  Knowing the importance about getting close to the game for trapping has helped him in knowing the habits and changes in an animals behavior.  Steve is an accomplished scrimshaw artist and engraver. He also is an award winning taxidermist at the national level and is a great asset to the company's winning reputation.
Steve Towne
Professional wildlife artist
Bob Selchow

Bob Selchow has hunted and fished all over North America for 55 years and is the company's Field Study Expert and Operations Manager.  He over sees the art and habitat designs and does some of the more intricate wood working for the studio.  Many ideas get thrown his way and discussed in great detail for accuracy and a pleasing realistic display.