Wildlife art has always been a big part of Dale's career.  From paintings and drawings to the floor of the taxidermy studio, art has been the link that bonded the public to Trophy Ridge. Here Dale works on a commissioned drawing of snow geese for a client.
Large Habitat Displays bring a piece of the mountain to the client in this scene.  Rock and habitat study is as important as the specimen being mounted.  The style of grasses and rocks and such have to be indigenes to the animal.
Bottom Line is this.  We will do the very best  we can with what we have to work with to make your experience a pleasant one.  Smiles are worth more to the heart than anything else. That's what it's all about.  
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Competition pieces always are a great tool for fine tuning the talent.  Whether it is State, National or World. The best of the best is always present.  By competing at high levels the quality in all mounts will rise for all clients.
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Country Music Star Rhett Akins and His big 8 pointer.  This deer scored 160.  Check out Rhett's website at www.rhettakins.com.