"Inside The Studio"
Welcome to a behind the scene look into the Trophy Ridge Studio.  
Working on some second day detailing to 2 whitetails and a caribou.  These mounts are in the drying process and will be check over and over for anotomy acurracy and to eliminate any flaws that may occur at this time.  This is a critical time for a mount and detail of this nature can make or break a display.
Wildlife Artist Steve Towne puts the final finishing touches on a sneaking bobcat display.  Attention to the finest detail is important to give the cat the lifelike attitude.  This cat is displayed in a barnwood base with woodland habitat.  A great pose for any bobcat.
Waterfowl are a real treat to work with.  Living just north of Stuttgart, Arkansas, for 17 years, Dale had some wonderful days hunting ducks with his dad.  Feather placement and altering body sizes for each duck is a careful part of the procedure.  A trend leading toward habitat  mounts is becoming more evident as people use waterfowl mounts as a part of their everyday home decor.
Check back later to see more photos.  They will be added from time to time.  Maybe you will see one of your displays in the working stages.  Thanks for stopping in. 
African displays are a big part of the studio's work.  Here Dale works on a Kudu and a Gemsbok, getting them ready for the finishing touches.  Pedastal mounts utilize the skins, wood and marbles to give the client the unique display for any room.  Lifesize and mutiple animal mounts are very common among the hunters who venture across the world.   
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